Câștigătorii Finalei Naționale Imagine Cup 2015 sunt:



Fully programmable guitar and voice effect pedal board (multiple overlapping effects with independent triggers) that can fit the preferences of beginners and advanced musicians alike. Additionally, we will provide an online store from which effects (and preset sounds) can be purchased from developers with a similar business model and functionality as existing app-stores.

World Citizenship

Epilepsy Combat

For people who are suffering from epilepsy (both diurnal and nocturnal) it is essential to have a system that can detect and alarm seizures in real-time.

We came up with the idea of designing Epilepsy Seizure Detection with a single mind: to prevent epileptic seizures that entail serious repercussions. This is a safe and subtle application, a first attempt for this purpose (it started in June 2014), which works for both Windows Phone and Android Operating System, conceived to detect epileptic seizures in real-time.

Înregistrarea echipelor participante se face joi, 2 aprilie, la A.S.E., ora 08.00. Vă așteptăm!


  • DOC
  • Plexis
  • Legal
  • Epilepsy


  • Eskimo
  • One Step Ahead
  • ShopItIn
  • Swimpal
  • Veiled
  • VisionBot
  • PoltBox
  • Waldo
  • FeeParking

Modul de desfășurare al finalei naționale va fi următorul: fiecare echipă va avea la dispoziție 15 minute (5 minute de prezentare în limba engleza și 10 minute Q&A din partea juriului). Juriul va fi format din:

  • Valy Greavu – Microsoft MVP și fost mentor/juriu în alte ediții ale Imagine Cup
  • Ionuț Bălan – Co-Founder Mobzine Romania
  • Ciprian Jichici – Microsoft Regional Director, General Manager Genisoft
  • Oana Viciu - Sr. Marketing Manager - Microsoft România
  • Prof. univ. dr. Marian Dârdală - Prodecan C.S.I.E. Academia de Studii Economice București

Fiecare echipă va avea un Team Booth unde își va putea promova proiectul prin ce metode dorește (flyere, postere, tricouri, stickere, etc).

Pentru informații suplimentare, scrie-ne la imaginecup-ro (la) microsoft (punct) com

Agendă eveniment

09:30 Keynote - Cătălin Diț, Technology Director - Microsoft România
09:45 Swimpal
10:00 Eskimo
10:15 One Step Ahead
10:30 Shop It In
10:45 Veiled
11:00 FeeParking
11:15 PoltBox
11:30 Break
12:30 VisionBot
12:45 Waldo
13:00 DOC
13:15 Plexis
13:30 Legal
13:45 Epilepsy
14:00 Jurizare
14:30 Anunțarea câștigătorilor